3D DesigN


Let’s get started with a one hour face-to-face (via video chat during Covid-19 pandemic) meeting. It can be helpful, but not required to share any sketches, clippings or vision boards during this initial consult.  We’ll discuss solutions and how we can make it possible within your budget and timeline. 


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I will work with you to develop several drafts of 2D and or 3D computer-aided design (CAD) to digitally refine your project for further development. This  will include computer renderings, a bill of materials, and cutting/ assembly guides. 3D prints (.STL) or manufacturing (CAM) files for your own prototyping and manufacturing purposes are also available.


I will create a scaled down or full-sized prototype based on the designs we develop.  I’ll employ 3D printing along with wood and metal fabrication to make a fixed and/or functional model of your project.  Further design refinement can be accomplished after this time.